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It Really Does Matter Who Governs

As we approach the November 3 elections, I want to urge everyone to vote because it really does matter who governs. In Tennessee we have not only the Presidential selection up but also a US Senator, all nine Congressmen, all 99 State House seats and several State Senator seats as well. If we live by the mantra that all politics is local, then you must vote in the local races because they affect your daily life the most.

But what about the Presidential race? R or D or I, it’s important this time, maybe more so than at anytime in my lifetime. I know, I know, candidates say this every four years to try to get you to vote for them. But this time, there is a significant difference in the two parties’ platforms. Joe Biden, the D, has said he will raise your taxes on day one. Donald Trump cut individual taxes as well as corporate taxes after he was elected in 2016. And those cuts brought about the most robust economy in our country’s history. That is until the pandemic hit!

Biden and Harris in order to secure their party’s nomination, had to move to the far left, to appease the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democrat party. Biden used to be a moderate Democrat but that is no longer true because he has to pander to the special interests groups now. So if he wins and it appears that he’s in the lead as of today prepare for an increase in your individual taxes, and if you own a business, in your corporate taxes as well. They have made that very clear.

Regardless of what you think of Trump personally, you must admit that he has nominated Constitutionalists to the Supreme Court and his current nominee Amy Barrett appears to be an outstanding jurist. IF Biden wins and the D’s take the Senate and keep the House then prepare for “court packing” to be one of their first priorities. What does that mean? It means they will pass a law that allows the Supreme Court to increase any number of seats from the current nine to as many as it takes to change the conservative bent of the Court as it is now. It’s happened before and it certainly will this time if they win.

President Trump, for all his faults and he certainly has many, has enacted policies that have helped this country prosper- the tax cuts, getting rid of onerous business regulations, standing up to our allies and demanding they pay their fair share in organizations, has pushed “buying American” products and brought companies that had left America back home. He talks too much, his tweets need to stop, he can be rude and a narcissist but think carefully when you vote because it truly does matter who governs

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