Brand & Business Development

Do you find that you and your key staff spend all your time simply trying to keep up with the day to day business of running your company, never getting around to marketing your company, or even to saying thank you to your existing clients and company supporters?  SRW & Associates can become that missing team member who focuses on just those kinds of things for you without taking up office space, or requiring any of the costly benefits of an additional full-time employee.

Here are just a few of the ways our team can help you maximize your visibility, viability and reputation locally and regionally:

• Enhance your profile through garnering free media coverage

• Build your relationships with prospective customers and clients by making key introductions

• Gather intelligence that can help you make decisions about marketing, investing and other major business decisions

• Promote your key staff and your company in the community through civic and community activity participation

• Assist in the development of presentations for RFP’s, bids or other potential business

• Create and produce events that put you in contact with prospects, thank customers for business and build awareness

• Give guidance on sponsorship opportunities and create the biggest “bang for your buck” in those activities which you support

• Develop consumer survey polls