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Storming the US Capitol

What all Americans witnessed on January 6, 2021, will be a memory none of us will forget anytime soon.  What started as a peaceful gathering to hear one of President Trump's final speeches to his supporters turned ugly and ended with many in that audience storming the Capitol building.  Why did it happen?  We may not ever know or we may discover that it was planned by organizations intent on damaging our country and the Capitol.  President Trump certainly did not help and even added fuel to the fire with his remarks to the crowd before they marched to the Capitol.  And why did he wait so long to issue a very lukewarm plea to "go home" and be safe.  But Trump added at the end, an "I love you" which just spurred on what had by that time become a mob.

And now Schumer and Pelosi are calling for Trump's impeachment or to invoke the 25th amendment which in my opinion will just continue to stoke the firest of hatred among the Trump supporters.  We have less than two weeks before Joe Biden is inaugurated as our next President.  Let's just hope that we've heard the last from Trump and let him go quietly and quickly.  He has stated that there would be a peaceful transition of power- let's take him for his word and try to focus our efforts on unity and not division.  Our country needs to heal- we 've been through so much chaos with riots over racial issues, politics and now this, the storming of one of our most beloved symbols in America.  Let's just all take a deep breath, get through this next two weeks and hope that a new administration can end the divisiveness we are experiencing today.  Hope springs eternal, right? I remain hopeful that cooler and saner heads will prevail.

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